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Specialists in the architecture and interiors
of high end, luxury residential projects

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We believe that within the combined disciplines of both architecture and interiors there is an opportunity to have a different perspective, thinking about how people really live in a space.

This means designing a beautiful building – but one that is created around the way we live rather than one we have to live around.

From their Fulham studio, Indigo Design Associates work on all aspects of architectural design beginning with surveys and concept development, then a complete planning and detailed design process.

Fundamental to this work is successful project management ensuring we work to an agreed timetable and the administration of all contacts.

Interior Design

With a high quality execution of an architectural design, the next step in the process should never feel like an afterthought.

However with a coherent blend of an architecture and interiors discipline, the dressing of a space has a logical continuity so the two work in harmony.

The creative team at Indigo Design Associates add furnishings and furniture in concert with colour and fabric to give each room a logical mood and flow.

Then, depending on the type of space we are working on we consider the addition of antiques and artwork to add a richness and charm to your home.

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